Cleto Munari

Cleto Munari is an internationally renowned designer. His growth in the international design world began in the 70s, and was always accompanied by his curious outlook and entrepreneurial ability.


The richness of Cleto Munari’s artistic production, however, has always remained consistent with his personal stylistic mark.
Many of his works are exhibited in the permanent collections of major international museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MOMA, both in New York.

There is no field that he has not experienced with success, no subject that has not fascinated him and from which he has not drawn amazing objects suchas furniture, silverware, cutlery, carpets, lamps, sculptures, vases, leather goods, glasses and watches. He has often created new objects in tandem with international names in design, constantly experimenting with shapes and materials to design new everyday objects.

After fifty yearsofintense work and passion, Cleto Munari is also recognized by the general public not only as a promoter of new ideas, but also as a real artistic – culturalpresence of Italian contemporary art.He is the creator and curator of the entire Marble Essence collection and designed 7 unique tables himself.