Nero Marquina – Bianco Pentelico – Rosso Mantegna – Azul Macaubas – Sostegni in metallo

Approximate weight of the top: 18 kg


To complement the ‘Eyes’ table, Cleto Munari has designed another four tables by the name ‘Little Table’.
The eye of Horus, together with Cleto Munari’s signature, are the table’s distincitive graphic elements. The signature is ‘Kleeto’, paying homage to the artist Paul Klee. Clearly, the phonetical likeness between the names of the artists is highlighted. A literary, phonetic and artistic play!

The tables are constructed of a solid, square base that supports the thin, circular tabletop. The two elements are interconnected by four colored metal pipes.
The chosen marbles for the realization of both base and tabletop are Nero Marquina and Bianco Pentelico.

Little Table By Cleto Munari

The tabletop has a diameter of 52cm, the base is then 42cm high.
Due to their proportions, they are the perfect element to complete a space for conversation and entertainment.