Technology and wisdom of realization

The art of working marble and natural stone is ancient and noble.
Thanks to the mastery of processing technique full-emotions works could be realize. Cleto Munari chose Pietro Zanella and his company to craft tables of the collection Essence of Marble.

Piero Zanella and his excellent staff have shaped marble to its extreme, blade-dominated and brought out the potential to create masterpieces of design and technology.

Based in Soave, nearby Verona, for over 90 years, devoted to realization of valuable marble works, found all over the world.
A special processing technique has been deployed for tables of Essence of Marble collection to lighten the final weight of the item, while maintaining preserved fastnesses.

Tables of the collection are realized with inlay or mosaic techniques performed by ultra-precision machines. Final finishing and polishing give depth to the color, clarity to the geometries and unparalleled aesthetic performance. Each table is a unique piece, result of the union between industrial standards, craftmanship and human talent.

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