Piero Zanella

Born in 1926 in an area, surrounding Verona, naturally suited for extraction and processing of stones and marbles. Today Verona’s area houses 20% world trade of natural stones led by knowledge and experience passed down through the generations and investments in technology.

"Specialist in the processing of marble and granite for custom projects, both artistic and high in precision.”

The company specializes in the processing of marble and granite for tailored, high-accuracy and artistic projects. In last years, Zanella gave birth to projects created by famous world-renowned architects, cooperated with biggest brands of luxury and fashion sectors and cranked out bas-reliefs, monuments and cathedrals and private homes, across the world.

First step always is a detailed careful study and knowledge of the raw material. Secret for perfect realization is choice of the material. Piero Zanella is the owner of significant marble quarries to grant selection of the best basic commodity.

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