Bianco Pentelico – Rosso Mantegna – Rosso Damasco – Nero Marquina – Giallo Siena – Azul Macabaus – Verde Laguna – Bronzo Satinato

Approximate weight of the top: 95 kg

The marble table Golden/Aura Section bears the signature of the architect Paolo Portoghesi and speaks the mathematical language of beauty, universal value par excellence.

Since ancient times the golden ratio has been considered closely linked to harmony.
All these important concepts were represented by the artist, with the table made of Asia Green marble, Mantegna Red, Pentelico White, Azul Macaubas, Cardinal Red, Marquina Black and polished bronze.

Sezione Aurea By Paolo Portoghesi

Ideal sizes and colours express a transcendental research from contemporary architecture themselves.