Bianco Pentelico – Rosso Mantegna – Giallo Siena – Azul Macaubas – Nero Marquina

Approximate weight of the top: 135kg

The name and the design of the table makes us immediately guess the name of the artist to whom it is dedicated: Piet Mondrian. The material chosen is Pentelico, a fine-grained marble, particularly opaque when at its rough state, used in ancient Greece for statues and architecture.

Cleto Munari, in homage to the Dutch painter, wanted to give a rational, geometric and mathematical interpretation to the furnishing element. Simplicity elevated to power.

Piet By Cleto Munari

The clear, polished and brushed appearance of the surface, the arrangement of the rectangles with the inserts of polychrome slabs and the four supports at the base, make this table a contemporary work. A table-sculpture suitable for large spaces and bright environments of modern taste, as well as contrast in historical contexts in which stone has always been present.