Bianco Pentelico – Rosso Mantegna – Giallo Siena – Azul Macaubas – Nero Marquina

Approximate weight of the top: 135kg


To Kazimir Severinoviˇc Malevicˇ, Russian painter, is given the merit of having given body to the geometric abstractionism and strengthened the avant-garde artistic movement called Suprematism - or the world of non representation - developed in Russia during and after the First World War.

Cleto Munari was inspired by him for this white Pentelico marble table, composed of rational designs superimposed with a selection of polychrome marble.

Kazimir By Cleto Munari

Simple in its silhouette, the Kazimir table combines volumetric force and geometry, ingenuity and commitment. It is, in its kind, a sculptural object that contrasts the refinement of materials and workmanship with the absolute simplicity of form.