The genesis

Several reasons have unleashed the birth of the remarkable collection Essence of Marble.
During 2020, a terrible but awesome year, Cleto Munari quit his creative studio to meet, once again, world-renowned architects and designers, longtime collaborators for valuable and unique items collections

Attaining the 90th birthdays was for Cleto Munari fuel to pursue research. Previous years success and recognitions, collections exhibited in the most prestigious museums around the world, including MOMA of New York are significant incentive to continue on his harmonious beauty.
Researchs carried out during 2020, took him to the Rinascimento: at that time in Florence, Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo Medici has called 15 famous artists and commissioned them to design and to create outstanding-value marble and semiprecious stones tables for magnificent palaces. Commessi fiorentini, a decorative technique commonly used for realize particularly refined decorations thanks to the marble and semi-precious stones carving, was in vogue at the time. This system allows to create very detailed designs of fruits, flowers, landscapes and faces.

(Drawings by Guido Fuga)

Marble stands the test of time, such as gold and silver, precious metals used by designers summoned by Cleto Munari.
Cool and tactile marble captures all finesse and strength, luxury and clarity, flair and majesty. On a global scale recognized as excellent product made in Italy, marble enhances and enthral any space.

(Drawings by Guido Fuga)


Cleto Munari delivered to designers a detailed assignment: task of creating marble tables of 3 meters x 1,20. Not more. Free play to their creativity to give rise to a limited-edition masterpiece.
Collection Essence of Marble includes distinctive individuality tables, some over 3 meters.

Cleto Munari added to architects and designers’ creativity, technique and precision required to realize, with skill, works designed. In 2021 he approaches along the way Pietro Zanella and his team to study the practical arrangements of any table.

Essence of Marble tables are test time-resistant as projects architectural carried out by designers involved in the project. Not solely piece of furniture but a work of art, embedded in the environment in order to evoke viewpoints, perspectives, state of mind and unheard of historic.

Visionary Cleto Munari, after five centuries, successfully brought together renowned designers and gave the order to design a new collection of fine workmanship marble tables, as Cosimo de Medici done. Authentic sculptures brainchild of top contemporary artists revealing the sixteenth-century tradition articulated around the third millennium.
A world-unique collection of 22 unprecedented and signature tables, limited-edition, as invitation to a new Renaissance.

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