Mimmo Paladino

Mimmo Paladino is an Italian artist, painter, sculptor and engraver.
He is one of the main representatives of the Italian Transavanguardia, an artistic movement that identifies a return to painting.


In his work, fragments of figures, heads and hands are elements of a language that blend space and time, cultural, mythical, iconographic references from the past.

A versatile artist, Paladino blends figurative elements and artistic references from the most diverse cultural areas. He experimented with materials and techniques, working on salvaged objects and sculpting archaic totemic figures.

The works of Mimmo Paladino are present in the collections of the most important international museums including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Lenbachhaus in Monaco, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MOMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Nationalgalerie Berlin, the Stedelijk Musem in Amsterdam and the Tate in London.